What Spring Means for Your Weight Loss Programme

Spring is fast approaching! The chill in the air is fading and warm afternoons are already being welcomed with open arms. Best of all, fresh and nutritious produce at its very best will soon be making its way to our supermarkets. This is fantastic news for both your taste buds and weight loss programme.

Embrace the Flavours of Spring into Your Weight Loss Programme

Springtime is the perfect way to introduce new flavours into your weight loss programme. This is when produce is at its best, packed with nutrition and great flavour. A great snack is an apple and they are at their best this time of the season. Looking to shake up your breakfast or midmorning snack? Hello, grapefruits! Pears, watermelon, oranges, gooseberries, kale, artichokes and just about anything you can think of is and should be, on your weight loss programme menu. Take advantage of South Africa’s seasonal produce.

Try New Recipes

Go on and experiment with your diet. If you have been following a weight loss programme for any extended period of time you know that you may tend to run out of ideas. Spring is a great opportunity to get yourself excited about using your weight loss programme to make the best of the season and experiment with new ways of enjoying food.

Have you ever tried grilling watermelon for a salad? No? Go for it, it’s delicious! Mix some gooseberries with your cherry tomatoes in a salad for an acidic punch that will tingle your taste buds. Using fresh produce to explore new and adventurous combinations will help you get excited for the season and the meals you get to enjoy with it. Cook some grapes with your roast chicken for a sweet sticky bite without adding too many calories.

Integrate Your Weight Loss Programme with Every Season

Just like you can embrace your weight loss programme in the winter, you can do the same for each season. As South Africans, we are lucky to have mostly mild and warm weather all year round and fresh produce always available. Embrace the season with your diet and don’t shy away from fresh produce or trying a new ingredient or recipe to spice up your weight loss programme.

Want to eat well this spring and lose weight? Contact us at Slender Wonder to start your weight loss journey today!


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