What are South Africa’s most sugary drinks?

Source: www.citypress.co.za


It’s no secret that cooldrinks and energy drinks are absolutely crammed with sugar. But do we realise how much?


You might think flavoured water is healthier than an energy drink, but even this deceptively harmless product has about six spoons of sugar in an average serving.

Opting for a sugar-free drink isn’t much better, because some of the sugar substitutes in these drinks (such as aspartame) have been linked to causing cancer.

And while people usually give Coca-Cola a bad rap for being the worst fizzy drink around, the one that tops the list with a whopping nine teaspoons per serving is our purple friend, Fanta Grape. With its insane sugar content and added artificial colourants and flavourants, this is one beverage you might want to stay away from.


Looking for something cold to drink? Water is your friend. Give it a go.


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