Weight Loss Tips for Winter

Many of us have jokingly said that we are gaining winter weight to keep warm. You may be more correct than you realise! There have been many studies conducted on why we become a little more… voluptuous in winter. This doesn’t need to be the case; there are many delicious winter weight loss meals that can help you stay warm, while keeping those pesky calories away from shrinking your clothes.

A Suggested Winter Weight Loss Challenge

And no, we aren’t about to ask you to work your way up to 1000 push-ups in a month. These are simple habits that will ease your winter body into better shape, especially if you follow them daily.

Work Out Indoors

It’s difficult to get out of bed where it’s warm and cosy, and going for a jog in the icy air sounds like the last thing you want to do. If you have enough space, however, there are ways to stay active indoors. 30 minutes of exercise per day (even if it’s minimal) can make a notable difference for your body.

Take It Easy on the Takeaways

Making your food at home is so much healthier than ordering food from restaurants. Making your own food means that you can see exactly what’s going into it and control the calories in the meal. It’s tempting to order in, but that summer body will feel better than that one meal! Make healthy soups, drink loads of water and up your intake of organic veggies. Hearty winter meals are great for comfort, and looking and feeling great.

Sleep It Off

Sleeping helps improve motivation. Heading to bed early will prevent late-night snacking, and will help you get up a little earlier to fit in those 30 minutes. You’ll also have more energy to keep your body warm throughout the day, so overall, you’ll feel better.

If you’re looking for faster results and want to see a major change in your body, talk to us about our medical weight loss programme. There is never a better time to live great lifestyle than right now!

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