Weight Loss Shakes: Do They Really Work?

If your health goal is to lose weight, the most important ammunition in your artillery should be a nutritious and controlled diet plan. You can spend hours working out in the gym, but if you’re not fuelling your body the right way, losing weight will ultimately be an unreachable goal. One of the most important aspects of eating a healthy diet is planning your meals ahead of time. If you skip meals, you may find yourself reaching for quick and unhealthy options, leading to weight gain.

Weight loss shakes can be the perfect meal option to help you reach your weight goals conveniently and quickly. But do they really work?

Are Shakes a Good Way to Diet?

Weight-loss shakes, also commonly referred to as liquid meal replacements, are calorie-controlled smoothies that are used to replace one or more meals as part of a weight-loss plan. These shakes usually have an average of 150 – 300 calories per shake and are jam-packed full of nutrients that would have been present in a healthy meal. Adding meal replacement shakes to your diet cuts down on cooking time and ensures you’re not overindulging. 

A study has determined that individuals who replaced two meals a day with diet shakes lost 50% more weight than those who didn’t. The reason for this is because the shakes contain fewer calories than normally consumed when eating a meal. Eating fewer calories ensures that your body goes into a calorie deficit which leads to weight loss. 

Benefits of Weight Loss Shakes

Other than convenience, weight loss shakes have an array of other benefits. Proper meal replacement shakes, like the Slender Wonder Protein Shake,  contain a variety of high-quality protein substrates that help to improve protein synthesis as well as overall health. Other benefits include: 

  • Delicious tastes and different flavours 
  • Can be mixed with water, skimmed milk, oat milk or almond milk. 
  • Promote consistent blood sugar levels 
  • Maintenance of pancreatic insulin production cells
  • Balance and control of calcium within the body
  • Contains proteins and complex carbohydrates for optimum health 

What to Eat with Meal Replacement Shakes

If you are considering including meal replacement shakes within your diet plan but don’t know what foods to consume with the shakes contact Slender Wonder for a comprehensive and efficient new diet plan. 

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