Weight Loss Exercises at Home in Winter

Our ancestors needed to stay warm during winter to survive, so it makes sense that we are not naturally inclined to go for a jog when it’s chilly. This is not, however, an excuse to let your fitness decline. Exercise for weight loss at home can be done easily, without requiring too much space and minimal to no equipment.

Yoga at Home

Yoga has become quite the buzzword these days, as people are becoming more and more aware of the many benefits. The yoga trend is picking up because it is an exercise that can be done by any level; from extreme beginner, to stretchy expert. Yoga doesn’t require large spaces, and can be learned online with free courses, or other online guidance by teachers. Once a move has been perfected, further growth can be developed.

Online Exercise Videos

For home workout inspiration and guidance, there are so many online exercise videos that can be found on free platforms like YouTube. They are wonderful for beginners who aren’t sure where to start, and great for keeping more experienced people accountable and motivated, as well as challenged with more difficult exercises.

Dance Away the Weight

Weight loss exercise doesn’t need to be a schlep. In the morning, to wake yourself up, switch on your favourite upbeat music and jump around, swing your hips and dance away the weight. This will not only boost your mood, but you’ll feel great before you’ve even gotten to work. Not a morning person? No problem. Dancing when you get home might relieve some stress from the day and help you sleep better. The best part is, you’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even realise that you’re shedding those extra calories.

Home exercises in winter coupled with a healthy winter diet will help you keep those unwanted winter calories from sneaking into your closet. Being healthier will also keep you from getting nasty bugs and flu, by assisting your metabolism. For more weight loss tips, and advice on a customised weight loss programme, give us a call.

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