Vegetarian Diet Plan

Many people turn to vegetarianism to improve their health, up their athletic ability, for religious reasons, or they may want to stop eating meat because of the moral issue surrounding the killing of animals. There are multiple different types of vegetarian and plant-based diets.

Vegetarian Diet Types

There are several different types of vegetarian and plant-based diets:


If you follow a vegetarian diet, that means you don’t eat meat, poultry, or fish. There are different types of vegetarians, namely:

  • lacto-ovo vegetarians: eat both eggs and dairy products
  • lacto vegetarians: eat dairy products but not eggs
  • ovo vegetarians: eat eggs but not dairy products
  • pollo-vegetarians: eat poultry but avoid other meat and fish
  • pescatarians: eat fish but avoid all other meat


If you’re following a vegan diet, you don’t eat meat, poultry, or fish. You also don’t consume dairy products, eggs, or other animal products, like gelatine or honey.


Some follow what’s known as a semi-vegetarian or flexitarian diet. People following this diet eat mostly plant-based foods but may occasionally include meat, dairy, eggs, poultry, and fish in small amounts.

Vegetarian Diet Plan

Slender Wonder offers a number of vegetarian and pescatarian options for all our non-meat-eating clients. Slender Wonder teaches clients how to make the right food choices. The supplementary products also help curb cravings when you feel like you absolutely need to enjoy something nice! Slender Wonder is a medical weight loss programme that treats patients who struggle with overweight or obesity. Only Slender Wonder accredited doctors, who were trained by the organisation, are allowed to prescribe and distribute the programme.

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