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7 Methods of Sticking to Your Weight Loss Programme

Diets and weight loss programmes are only effective if implemented consistently, this is not always easy. If you find yourself falling off the wagon, here are some tips to keep you on the straight and narrow during your weight loss journey.

1.Find your main motivation for losing weight

People’s reasons for losing weight vary, some people want to look better, some people want to be fitter and some people want to be healthier while others strive for all of the above. Being as specific as possible will help to stick to your convictions.

Small Changes Can Make Big Differences

If you don’t change anything you can’t expect anything to be different. Albert Einstein is said to have coined the definition of insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” You cannot expect to lose weight while not making changes in your diet and exercise routine, that’s…insane. Luckily all it takes is a few small and easy to implement changes to start seeing the desired results.

How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Plans This Winter

Sticking to a weight loss plan is tough but it seems to be even more work in the winter, why is that? It could be because jumping out of bed to take on the day seems much harder when it’s cold outside. Or perhaps it’s the abundance of warming comfort food you reach for? Research suggests that we are programmed to eat more in the winter as a survival instinct that comes from times where winter meant that food (especially fresh produce) was much less readily available than it is in warmer months.

Slender Wonder for Postpartum Weight Loss

Expecting mothers usually gain anything between 11kg and 16kg in the first three months of your pregnancy and 1-2kgs every month thereafter until the birth of the child. Expectant mothers gain weight, it is a natural and necessary part of the process.

Expecting mothers are overjoyed about their pregnancy however they realise that this means they will most probably gain weight and they aren’t sure if their pregnancy hormones might introduce new cravings which could lead to weight gain.