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1. Replace a meal by having a protein shake for lunch. 

Not only are some protein shakes balanced and nutritious, they keep you full for longer rather than refined carb-driven meals, and help you with calorie control. If you struggle to “drink” your meal, you can have a few starch free vegetables such as peppers, cucumber, lettuce or tomato with it (a small salad). Your protein shake meal should be the meal you tend to over eat on or struggle to control your calorie intake. 


Meeting Your Weight Loss Goals with Slender Wonder

“New Year, New Me!” It’s a phrase we have all uttered at some stage amidst the sounds of fireworks, champagne glasses clinking and well wishes. How often do we truly stick to our New Year’s Resolution? And how often do we actually lose the weight that we have claimed for years we would have shed by now? This article will show you how 2019 is that year where you lose weight and keep to your weight loss programme, even after January.

Sleep is important!

Why?  Because not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain……

Several studies have shown that not getting enough sleep or a decrease in sleep quality can affect appetite control that may lead to overeating. Lack of sleep has also been tied to decreased insulin sensitivity and increased risk of diabetes, both conditions that are often linked with overweight.  In addition, sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss have also been linked to heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.