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What is insulin resistance?


Insulin resistance is a metabolic syndrome that affects the way your body responds to the hormone insulin. Insulin regulates the way food metabolises in the body. It plays an essential role in metabolising carbohydrates, proteins and fats specifically. Insulin is responsible for converting the body’s glucose in the blood, into fat.

Insulin Resistance

A normal insulin response is when the body is triggered to take glucose to the body’s cells and used as energy instead of being stored as fat.

A Medical Weight Loss Programme: Reducing the Risks Associated with Obesity

Obesity is measured according to your BMI or Body Mass Index. Your BMI is just an indication of what a healthy weight would be according to your height versus your weight. From a BMI of 30 you are considered as “obese” and above 40 can have serious health implications. This makes losing weight a priority for your health and wellbeing.