Small Changes Can Make Big Differences

If you don’t change anything you can’t expect anything to be different. Albert Einstein is said to have coined the definition of insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” You cannot expect to lose weight while not making changes in your diet and exercise routine, that’s…insane. Luckily all it takes is a few small and easy to implement changes to start seeing the desired results.

Any change is a good change

Crash diets don’t work and going from being a self-proclaimed couch-potato to a marathon runner isn’t going to happen overnight. You’ll burn yourself out and likely give up before you truly get going.

All it takes is simple changes to your diet and slowly increasing your physical activity over time. Start off with walking, even half an hour a day is easy enough to get in. If you find you don’t have time then walk to work, take the stairs or any other small change that can increase your daily step count.

Don’t eat on the couch

Get off the couch! If you eat, sleep and sit on the couch all day then it will become a black hole keeping you from losing weight. If you sit at a table to eat your meals and don’t watch TV you will eat more slowly, appreciate the food and feel satiated. Plus you will have more conversations with your family, partner or roommate which is a much healthier way to enjoy your mealtimes.

Choose healthy snacks

This doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of the foods you like; just cut down on how often you eat them. See them as treats and not everyday occurrences. You’ll come to appreciate the little decadent things in life and invent interesting alternatives.

If you rely on snacks to keep you going throughout the day don’t skip them, you will only overindulge later. Rather opt for a healthier option like Slender Wonder’s Bars. Their high protein content will keep you satiated for longer. This means you will snack less and in turn lose weight.

Never skip breakfast, Shake it up instead

All three phases of the weight loss plans offered by Slender Wonder require you to use weight loss products for breakfast in the form of their Protein Plus Shake. The shake has been specially developed by weight loss specialists to give your body’s metabolism a boost and keep you feeling full.

You can choose from twelve flavours so no way will your breakfast ever be boring and skipping it is no longer an option.


Simply by adopting small changes, whether they are exercising more or even using weight loss products, every small lifestyle change you make will have an effect. Put your weight loss plans into action with Slender Wonder. Contact us to speak with our weight loss specialists and peruse our various weight loss products.

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