Slender Wonder Tips

Here are a few important tips for you to consider:

SW Stimulation Tip:

1) Avoid sugar during your two days of Stimulation

2) Eat healthy fats such as Avos, Nuts etc


SW Detox Tips:

1) Drink Water 2-3L per day

2) Rest – get to bed early

3) Do not consume caffeine


More Tips:

1) Read your Slender Wonder Booklet thoroughly and study the phase which you are on to ensure you don’t miss anything

2) Drink 2-3 litres of water per day, water flushes out toxins and plays a vital role in weight loss

3) Don’t compare your weight loss with someone else’s, we are all different

4) Stick to YOUR journey and focus on your goal!

5) Set reminders on your phone to remind yourself at certain times to inject and to take your tablets

6) Stick to the plan as set out in the booklet, weigh your food

7) Don’t weigh yourself at home, only at your Slender Wonder Doctor

8) Follow all five phases for successful weight loss.




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