Slender Wonder Collagen Powder

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Collagen is a type of protein that helps to build and support bones, cartilage, skin, eyes, hair, nails, and even the digestive system.

It is the most abundant protein in the human body, accounting for approximately 75% of our skin’s support structure and is the “glue” that holds the body together.

As we age, our existing collagen breaks down, leading to reduced amounts and lower-quality collagen. As a result, many individuals turn to collagen supplements in order to replenish these diminishing reserves and replace what the body begins to lack overtime while supporting overall health.

More and more research goes into the benefits of collagen each year and studies have shown that consuming collagen benefits everything from joint health to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers.

Collagen give body tissues structure, rigidity, texture and their toughness as well as give skins its strength and resilience.

Unique amino acid composition
Peptan contains 18 amino acids, the building blocks of our tissues and the primary component of proteins. Glycine, proline and hydroxyproline represent around 50% of Peptan’s total amino acid content (the glycine and proline
concentration in Peptan is 10 to 20 times higher than in other proteins). As a result, Peptan offers nutri-functional properties that cannot be found in other protein sources.

Easy to use
Peptan is a bioactive protein in powder form. It is neutral in taste and odor, highly soluble and heat-resistant. These characteristics make Peptan easy to be incorporated into a range of formulations from dietary supplements to functional foods and beverages such as confectionery, dairy and more.
Peptan can be used as a supplement or directly as a powder addition to foods and drinks.
Peptan is compatible with other active ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.

180g tub pure original Peptan Collagen

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