Ontiretse lost more than 40kg

female before and after transformation weight loss

Meet Ontiretse Kalakgosi or also known as Dinny in the Slender Wonder Support Group Community.

Dinny is a psychology and behavioral sciences student at the North West University in Potchefstroom.

Her hobbies include working on campus radio, music, writing, and of course, traveling.

Dinny has been on an awesome journey to rocking a new healthy Slender Wonder lifestyle and she shares her story with you.

“I remember when I started my weight loss journey. I was in such a dark place. I had lost all self-love I had. I don’t think people understand how much a simple yet complex matter such as being obese can affect one’s self-esteem and psychological behavior. I am a psychology student and ironically I was always sure that I was in control of my feelings and how I looked. I realised things got out of hand when I couldn’t even fit into a jean sized 44. I hated photos and I hated going out

I started this weight loss journey because I had trouble breathing, I had swollen legs, and high blood pressure, but besides for health reasons, it was because I believed that I owe it to myself to lose weight, not because society perceives thin as “beautiful” but because I believe that one needs to take proper care of oneself.

So one night I was awake in the early hours of the morning, I remember it vividly, I researched, and I was even close to having gastric bypass. But then, by the grace of God, I came across Slender Wonder and as they say, the rest is history.

My starting weight was 116,4kg and I currently weigh 69kg. My Slender Wonder doctor and assistant are amazing, Corné Viljoen in Potchefstroom from PotchMed assists me. She is extremely supportive, extremely professional, and the most loving person I have ever come across.

I would have never made it without her support and belief in me.

Besides the physical change and feeling sexier (shy laugh), I experienced a very high boost of self-esteem. I am more happy and comfortable around people.

The health benefits are that both my blood pressure and sugar levels are normal and I feel so much lighter and more energetic!

The difficult part was changing my entire lifestyle. The food. My daily habit of eating junk food and of course, adjusting to the meal plan. It was difficult in the beginning yes, but I was determined and my weight loss journey has taught me how to be consistent and patient.

You need to realise that its not a temporary thing but a complete lifestyle change. Don’t expect miracles either

Honestly, my biggest and most proud moment is wearing shorts, a jean size 10(from a size 44) and of course all the attention I get.

I am able to take pictures and look in the mirror without feeling ashamed. My weight now also enables me to sky dive and bungee jump (which was my motivation) hahahaha (yay!!!)

I am currently still on the weight-loss phase. Initially I wanted to stop when I weighed 75kg, but I want to push my body and go for 65kg.

Slender Wonder really works. I know you have heard that a million times but it really does. I am living and breathing proof thereof. It has a lot of health benefits too. Not to mention the delicious shakes and variety of delicious food you are allowed to eat (and their ready made meals too).

Never give up. Think of why you started. Set a goal for yourself and stick to it. Fell off the wagon? Dust yourself off and smile. Don’t be harsh on yourself. If I can lose more than 45kg, so can you, I am not special. I am human just like you. So surely you can do it.

Soldier on my Slender Wonder Warrior. Soldier on to a journey of a happier, sexier and free-spirited you :)”

Well done on your FANTASTIC results Slender Warrior Dinny, we are proud of you.

Enjoy your new healthy lifestyle and keep it up!



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