Finance your Slender Wonder treatment with MediWallet!


Slender Wonder has partnered with MediWallet to provide
flexible finance options for your treatment.

MediWallet is an innovative payment option for your medical expenses which gives you access of up to R40 000 in credit and up to 18 months to settle your bill. You will also not incure any penalties if you pay up sooner. MediWallet can be used at hundreds of medical and veterinary partners nationwide. To find out more or where you can use your MediWallet account, visit http://www.mediwallet.co.za/


Are you a patient?

SMS your Name*Surname*ID number*Gross Monthly Income 

to 45105 for instant pre-approval.

(e.g. John*Doe*8212235222084*10000)


Apply online at https://www.mediwallet.co.za/doiqualify

Are you a doctor?

To find out why you should sign up for MediWallet , visit http://www.mediwallet.co.za/partner/FAQ

Apply online at www.mediwallet.co.za/signup


Need more information

Partner sign up process – Click here
How to process a transaction – Click here
If you have any further questions email partners@mediwallet.co.za

How does a practice sign up?

Simply log on to https://www.mediwallet.co.za/signup and enter your details. Don’t forget to send proof of your banking details so MediWallet can verify the account before making payment.

How does a patient sign up to MediWallet?

Once your practice is signed up, MediWallet will send you a marketing pack. This pack includes application forms, a counter top stand and a poster. Patients can sign up by completing an application form and scanning it to their call centre, alternatively patients can SMS Name*Surname*ID Number*Gross Monthly Income to 45105 where MediWallet’s automated credit rule systems will pre-qualify them within 30 seconds. Should a patient pre-qualify they can complete the application form on their smart phones and receive approval within 15 minutes. Patients can also sign up at www.mediwallet.co.za

Where can customers spend on MediWallet?

Customers can spend at any of our MediWallet practice partners www.mediwallet.co.za The network includes medical as well as veterinary partners and is growing all the time.

Lose weight with Slender Wonder and lead a healthier lifestyle – made easier by MediWallet!