Medical Weight Loss Tip Number 1: Drink Water and Lots of It

Don’t throw good money down the drain, if you are committed to your weight loss journey start drinking lots of water!

Why? Because it is as key to your weight loss as it is to call and inquire about Slender Wonder’s prices and join the weight loss programme. More than half of the human body (62%) is made up of water so it is essential to your health and plays a pivotal role in weight loss. Here are just some of the ways in which water can aid your weight loss if you make a point of drinking enough water each and every day.

Replace Calorific Drinks with Water

The North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO) did a study where they found that the subject of the study that drank less than one litre of water per day were much more likely to drink one or more sweetened or calorific drinks throughout the course of the day. Drinking calories is completely detrimental to any weight loss efforts so if you enjoy sugary drinks it is time to say goodbye.

Drinking Water Before Meals

You naturally eat less when you drink plenty of water, especially before meals. Multiple studies have proven that drinking water before meals helps you lose weight. The same study done by NAASO found that drinking water before meals and upping your intake of water, in general, helped the test group lose more weight. This is evidence that drinking more water alone can increase the weight loss potential of overweight individuals.

Studies have also found that drinking water before breakfast (the most important meal of the day) means fewer calories are consumed in this meal and throughout the rest of the day. Often times when you feel hungry your brain is actually trying to tell you that you’re thirsty. So next time before you reach for a snack, have a glass of water instead.

Water Increases Your Calorie Burning Potential

Water has the ability to increase your resting energy expenditure which means that even if you are not exercising and at rest if you are drinking water you will burn more calories just sitting at your desk.

Muscles need water to function properly and the better your muscles function the more calories they will burn, even at rest.

Water Aids in All Bodily Functions

Drinking enough water throughout the day aids in multiple bodily functions that, in turn, aid in weight loss. This includes everything from good gut health and regular bowel movements to keeping joints supple and the muscles ready to metabolise.

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