Mariana Smith’s Remarkable Journey Continues

Mariana Smith's Remarkable Journey Continues

In January 2021, Mariana Smith from Eldoraigne embarked on a remarkable journey towards a healthier and happier life. Mariana decided to start her Slender Wonder journey after feeling tired of feeling sluggish and disappointed with her appearance, she took a leap of faith and committed herself to a weight loss program that would change her life.

For 16 weeks, Mariana diligently followed the Slender Wonder program, which provided her with the guidance and structure she needed to achieve her weight loss goals.

As the weeks turned into months, Mariana began to see the incredible physical and psychological benefits of her weight loss. She felt like a whole new person, filled with motivation, positivity, and confidence. With her newfound energy, she was able to achieve her fitness goals, participating in exciting events like Warrior Races and Muddy Princess races. The weight loss had a significant impact on her physical well-being, relieving joint pain and giving her a renewed sense of vitality.

However, maintaining her healthier lifestyle presented its own set of challenges. Weekends, with their social gatherings and tempting snacks, was initially a challenge but as Mariana said “they are not the enemy”. She didn’t let this deter her. She learned the power of planning and moderation. By carefully managing her calorie intake and sticking to her predetermined allowances, Mariana was able to navigate those social occasions without sabotaging her progress. Chewing gum, drinking water, or enjoying a warm decaf coffee became her go-to strategies to avoid unnecessary snacking.

To stay on track, Mariana continued to follow the principles she had learned from Slender Wonder. She focused on calorie intake, balanced meals, and regular exercise. Seeking the assistance of a personal trainer and training in the gym played a significant role in maintaining her weight loss and preventing any potential setbacks.

There were indeed setbacks along the way. A health issue forced Mariana to refrain from her beloved jogging routine. However, she adapted and found a new way to stay healthy and fit by incorporating weightlifting into her exercise regime. The maintenance phase of Slender Wonder seamlessly fit into this new routine, making it easier for her to maintain her progress.

As she reflected on her journey, she realized how much her weight loss had positively impacted her relationships with friends and family. They were amazed by her transformation and constantly reminded her of how far she had come. Looking back at old photos, she found it hard to believe that the person she once was could now live a more balanced, active, and fulfilling life.

Throughout her journey, Mariana learned some valuable lessons. She discovered the importance of planning, embracing the basics when in doubt, and enjoying the journey rather than solely focusing on the end goal. She recognized the strength of her mind and the willingness of her body to follow its lead.

When asked if she ever imagined she would be where she is today, she responded with confidence. This was not a temporary fix for her; it was a commitment to a new lifestyle. She encourages others who were considering a weight loss program to simply start and not wait for the perfect moment. Taking action and making that initial doctor’s appointment signifies commitment and sets the wheels of change in motion.

Mariana’s journey taught her that this was not just about weight loss—it was about personal growth and transformation. She learned to push herself beyond her limits, remaining focused and committed even on cold winter mornings.

As her journey continues, she shares her message with others, “Embrace this as a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Tomorrow waits for no one, so take action now and become a healthier and better person than you were yesterday”.

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