How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Plans This Winter

Sticking to a weight loss plan is tough but it seems to be even more work in the winter, why is that? It could be because jumping out of bed to take on the day seems much harder when it’s cold outside. Or perhaps it’s the abundance of warming comfort food you reach for? Research suggests that we are programmed to eat more in the winter as a survival instinct that comes from times where winter meant that food (especially fresh produce) was much less readily available than it is in warmer months.

Whatever it may be, here are some ways to ensure you stick to your weight loss plans this winter.

Plan Ahead to Strictly Follow your Weight Loss Programme This Winter

One way to ensure you don’t spend all your daily calories on speciality coffees and baked goods is to prepare well. If you have made a healthy meal for dinner simply double the recipe to know you have a healthy lunch for the next day too! This will help you to avoid giving into the temptations you are surrounded by.

Lemon Water is Your New Wake Up Call

All these tips are a means of curbing the desire to indulge in the wrong things. You may wake up on a winter morning and want to reach for a creamy, sugary cup of coffee. This would be a great detriment to your weight loss efforts. One way to start the day off with a warming drink that can aid your weight loss plan is hot water and lemon. Drink it as soon as you wake up, nice and hot to kick start your system, wake you up and curb late morning cravings. Plus, it will help battle colds and flu this winter thanks to the extra vitamin C!

For a low-calorie warming indulgence you could always try Slender Wonder Aqua Cherry with warm water. You can even heat up your Slender Wonder Protein Shake for a comforting warming drink without the calories.

Don’t Skip Meals as an Excuse to Overindulge

If you know you have an event that will be filled with delicious comfort foods coming up later in the day, don’t skip meals in hopes of banking those calories. By doing this you will most likely overindulge because you are hungry.

Follow your weight loss programme as you would on any other day. Better still, if you don’t know if the event will cater to your weight loss plan needs take a healthy dish to share along. Then you have no excuse and you can share a healthy favourite with your family and friends.

Indulge In Healthy Winter Warmers

Speaking of healthy dishes, there are lots of ways to still enjoy warming and comforting dishes without throwing you off your weight loss plans. There are great recipes developed by weight loss specialists at Slender Wonder that are low in calories but big in flavour and are just like the winter comfort foods we have come to know and love like soups and stews. They are also great vessels for adding weight loss inducing spices to your meals.

Don’t fall into the excuse that comfort food has to be unhealthy, you’ll find this myth has been well and truly debunked by a whole host of weight loss specialists and celebrity chefs alike.

To start your weight loss journey this winter, contact us at Slender Wonder and our weight loss specialists will get you on the right track.


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