How to Count Calories: A Few Easy Tips

If you’ve ever been on a diet or eating plan, or chatted to someone who has, you’ve probably heard about calorie counting. In case you need a refresher: calorie counting is the process of measuring the amount of calories in your food and beverage intake per day so that you don’t go over your daily caloric limit.

We’re not going into detail about how to count calories in food, but if you have chosen to do calorie counting to lose weight, we have a few tips that may help!

Get Clued-Up on Measurements

Portion sizes aren’t always an indication of measurement, so you should always weigh and measure where you can. This can be tricky to do, considering there are so many food consistencies to keep in mind. If calorie counting is something you want to try, get yourself a scale, measuring spoons, and measuring cups.

Here’s a general rule of thumb:

  • Liquids should be measured in measuring cups
  • Solid foods should be weighed; pay attention to whether the food is cooked or not. For example, you should weigh your pasta after it’s been cooked – raw pasta is heavier, and you may end up with a caloric deficit if you make small mistakes like this.

Keep Track

Don’t assume that one chicken breast weighs the same as another; chances are they don’t. Weigh everything up and write it down in a food diary to keep track of the calories you’re consuming. This way, you won’t wrack your brain trying to keep up with the number of calories already consumed that day and how many you have left – you can simply reference your food diary.

Make Recipes and Stick to Them!

It can seem like a real mission to constantly count your calories for every single meal, so we have a quick cheat! If you measure the calories exactly in a recipe, you can recreate that recipe whenever you feel like it without have to redo the counting (as long as you stick to it). As mentioned above, variables may come in with meat portions, but at least you’ll have a simple, solid foundation to work from.

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