Dr Magda Fourie on Slender Wonder

Dr. Magda Fourie runs a very successful general medical practice in Kathu, Northern Cape.  She grew up in this town known for camelthorn trees and the mining of iron ore and manganese, and already started working in the hospital during school holidays to fuel her passion for helping people.  She knew from a young age that she wanted to become a doctor and eventually received her degree from the University of the Free State where she passed Internal Medicine cum laude.  Her internship took place at Klerksdorp Hospital, after which she received the award for Best Medical Intern in 2007 from the North West Province Department of Health.  


She continued with community service at the Klerksdorp Hospital and worked towards specialising in Paediatrics and Neonatology.  However, she got married in 2009 to her husband, Jaco Fourie (a Springbok horse rider and farmer), and moved to Christiana, North West, where there was a huge need for physicians in the government hospital.  The need for medical care was so immense that she subsequently also started a private practice in town, and a second shuttle practice in Hertzogville.  Family commitments forced the couple to move back to Kathu, where she started a private general practice again and assisted in the Kathu Hospital with ER and anaesthetics, and also opened a medical clinic in Dibeng where she did much community work again.  


Whilst expecting her 2 daughters (now 2 and 1 years old respectively), she obtained her post-graduate diploma in Occupational Health and entered the corporate world for a period of time, joining the Anglo-American team at the Sishen Mine as Occupational Health Centre Manager and Acting Medical Manager.  Since September 2015, Dr. Magda (as she is known in town) is back full time at the Lenmed Kathu Private Hospital where she assists with anaesthesia and ER, from where she runs a general medical practice with obstetrics and gynaecology, aesthetics and the Slender Wonder Medical Weight Loss Program.  The whole family are enthusiastic horse riders and she herself had many successes in the dressage ring, also receiving provincial colours.  They enjoy a full life in the Kalahari, where they also farm with cattle, horses and game.  Family time is very important and they enjoy regular short break-aways to Gansbaai and the Kruger Park.


The relatively isolated location of the town and the subsequent shortage of access to quality health programs such as Slender Wonder to her patients who struggle with obesity, urged Dr. Magda to pursue the Slender Wonder training in 2013.  She has since helped more than 320 patients to lose weight, herself losing all her weight after giving birth.  She has had very many successful stories, most notably her receptionist and right hand, Christa Booysen, who lost 64kg, Elsabe vd Walt & Corrie Harmse more than 30kg, Piet Le Roux 46kg and many more.


Dr. Magda’s standard advice: make the mental move that you will lose weight, adapt your environment to your new goal and then forget about other people while you are on your own weightloss journey.  Her favourite quote: “Don’t reward yourself with food, you are not a dog!” has helped many people who are tempted to give in to temptation of the wrong food.  Unless you have a metabolic or other health disease (for which your doctor will assist you), there is no way that you will NOT lose weight if you stick to the programme.  Your brain really is much more powerful than any temptation, and once you own that concept, you will achieve success after success.  Be honest when you come to weigh in, and let us help to motivate you to stay on your weight loss path!  The end result is so worth it, it really will change your life…








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