Crash diets don’t work

We’ve all been there, in front of the mirror, tugging at our favourite pair of jeans realising they won’t button up not matter how hard we pull. This is demotivating, to say the least, but after crash-dieting for months or even years this particular jean-tug could be the final straw. Start your journey to sustainable weight loss with Slender Wonder.

No quick fix

You may have found that crash diets either don’t work at all or you some lose weight very quickly. Unfortunately you will have noticed that this weight always comes back the moment you no longer stick to the ridiculous crash diet plan. At Slender Wonder we are dedicated to treating the cause of obesity and not just the symptom so that results are ongoing and sustainable.

Crash diets are not only ineffective but they can do more harm than good. These diets seem to trend at the beginning of summer or in January after New Year’s resolutions have been made. Whatever sparks this bright idea, your weight will yo-yo and eventually you’ll be back at square one.

The illusive cleanse

Whether they call it a fast or a cleanse, it is not an effective weight-loss method and it can be seriously detrimental to your health in the long-term. Most crash diets are essentially starvation diets where you restrict your body’s calorie intake but also your nutrient intake. Nutrient restriction and extreme exercise is unsustainable and you will burn out before you can ever see justifiable results.

Rapid weight loss can slow your metabolism which makes future weight gain even more likely. The truth is you will have to accept the fact that you did not gain the weight in a matter of days so you will not lose it in a matter of days. Weight loss is a process, so do it once and do it right – not for the bikini picture but for your health and wellbeing.

Health is a way of life

A crash diet is just a temporary fix for a bigger problem. Your health is what is important and fitting into your jeans or rocking a bikini in the summer is just a perk. Slender Wonder promotes health as a way of life which is why we help you lose weight under the supervision of medical professionals.

Start your weight-loss journey by finding a Slender Wonder doctor in your area.

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