Cheat Day Meals: Do You Need Them?

Most diets encourage cheat meals or cheat days; sometimes this can be beneficial to amplify your progress and to break your weight loss plateau.  

The Slender Wonder programme looks at a holistic approach in re-training your eating habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This does not mean you cannot indulge in delicious snacks.

Healthy “Cheat Day” Meals and Snacks from Slender Wonder

Slender Wonder is a versatile programme that offers multiple delicious options for every meal and snack time.

Healthy Bon Bons

Slender Wonder bon bons are a suitable sweet snack that can be consumed during any phase of the programme. They are fat-free, low-GI, suitable for diabetics and free from colourants and preservatives. They come in multiple different flavours. We recommend only 4 -5 per day.

Healthy Jelly

Slender Wonder jelly also comes in different flavours that you can enjoy as a healthy sweet snack, or as dessert after one of the Slender Wonder recommended recipes. Jelly has always been a great sweet respite, because it is made mainly of gelatine, which is pure protein, and limited sugar that really won’t add too many calories.

Healthy Recipe Book

Dessert can most definitely be part of your healthy lifestyle. Healthy food can still be ultra-delicious, and there are many options of healthy desserts in Slender Wonder recipe books. Explore which suits your palette and get creative!

If you’re in need of extra ideas, we have magazines with other great, healthy recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you inspired in the kitchen. Contact us for more information on our medical weight loss programme to change your life.

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