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Can I use Slender Wonder while I am breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding your newest arrival is special and the time passes so quickly!  Yes, as a new mom you want your figure back quickly, but, we at Slender Wonder feel that it is best not to start the programme during the first three months after birth – apart from possible medical reasons this is to give mother and baby time to bond and not to place unnecessary stress on the mother during this critical phase. 

Slender Wonder has specific guidelines to follow should you be breastfeeding (after the first three months after giving birth) that you will need to discuss with your Slender Wonder Doctor.  Specifically you will NOT be allowed to do the detox phase, and, some of the supplements may not be taken due to possible side effects.  These are the Herbaboost, Lipo-Lite drops, Aqua Cherry and Easy Garcinia.  The Slender Wonder Protein Shake does also contain a small amount of Garcinia so your Slender Wonder Doctor will also need to discuss this with you.

Congratulations on your little one, enjoy each moment and we will be here to help you with your weight loss when the time is right.