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What happens when you deviate From the SW programme?

Did you know, when you are on the Slender Wonder programme and you deviate from what has been set out ever so slightly and by slightly we mean even that "innocent" tiny biscuit at the coffee shop you set yourself back with a few days on your journey you have worked so hard on?

The "innocent" and tiny coffee shop biscuit for example can set you back with three days, work that out in monetary value and I am certain you will be convinced that even the slightest, smallest cheat is NOT worth it.

To put having alcohol in perspective, one glass of wine is the equivalent of 4 slices bread. If one "tiny innocent" coffee shop biscuit sets you back by three days, imagine what a glass of wine does?

Alcohol is the enemy of weight loss, if you drink alcohol you are pouring money down the drain and kissing your hard work goodbye.

When faced with temptation remind yourself of the hard work you have put into coming as far as you have on your weight loss journey and secondly make the decision if by cheating is worth wasting YOUR money?

The coffee shop biscuit can in essence cost you R250...

You can do this, stay on track and start seeing your journey as a lifestyle change for a healthier and happier you!

Tips to avoid deviating from the Slender Wonder weight loss programme

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