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Oopesh Bhula lost 52 kilograms with Slender Wonder



Oopesh Bhula is a 33 year old from Norwood Johannesburg and lost 52 kilograms on Slender Wonder.

He shares his Slender Wonder journey with us:

What made you decide you need a lifestyle change?
Numerous health issues and drive to become fit.

Why Slender Wonder?
Family member had used Slender Wonder and results were unbelievable.

Who was your Slender Wonder Dr and how long were you on the programme?
Skin & Body Renewal and I was on it for 4 months

How much did you lose on Slender Wonder?
In total 52KG's

How long have you been keeping the weight off & is it difficult?
1 year 2 months, no it has become my lifestyle

What has been the most rewarding about losing weight?
Fitness levels, ability to shop anywhere & personal satisfaction.

Will you recommend Slender Wonder to anyone and why?
Without a doubt, already have recommended to 30 +/- people who have seen amazing results. The programme works and you practically guaranteed results if you follow it.

You have been maintaining your weight, how do you do it?
My metabolism has been boosted after the programme, I try and balance my eating, while I still eat junk food from time to time. I try and eat healthy in the week and allow on the weekend I eat whatever I feel for.

Do you ever have a "cheat meal", what do you enjoy and how often?
Yes, you should not deprive yourself; I have Indian food, Pasta & Pizza's every weekend.

Any words of advice whilst being on Slender Wonder?
Be strong, don't compare, have the burning desire to see a new you for yourself.

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