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How to follow Slender Wonder during Ramadan

Here are a few tips on how to follow Slender Wonder during Ramadan:

·*Drink water as soon as you wake up.

·*Make sure you have a healthy breakfast with protein and fruit/vegetables.

· *Make sure you are taking your supplements:

·*Review any medication/supplements you take regularly and ask professional advice. Many medications might be to your detriment during fasting.

·*Review your exercise regime (reduce).

·*Consume water and have a balanced supper shortly after sunset (protein and vegetables eg curry and rice with cooked vegetables).

·*Just before bedtime (about 4 hours later), have a fruit and the replacement shake.

When fasting ends:

·*Cut down on the portions at breakfast and supper.

·*Introduce two to three small snacks during the day during the first five to six days (in addition to the breakfast and supper).

·Thereafter, eat as usual.

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