1) Slender Wonder has over 45 years experience supporting its efficacy. Only registered medical practitioners may prescribe the injectable HCG. It is based on the Simeon protocol designed by Dr Simeons in the 1940’s.


2) Many benefits repeatedly reported by patients , other than weight loss, include increased energy levels, reduced headaches and migraines, reduced irritable bowel symptoms, less joint pain, improved sinuses, reduced asthma symptoms, less heartburn and reflux, improved nail condition and skin condition.


3) Slender Wonder may improve fertility in ladies by normalising leptin and insulin levels over time, thus contributing to regular ovulation.


4) The Slender Wonder brand is PROUDLY South African in origin!


5) Slender Wonder may be followed by teenagers-boys from the age of 12 and girls from a year after an established menstrual cycle. Patients of mature age may also use the programme-we have many patients in their 70s!


6) Slender Wonder can only be prescribed by medical practitioners who have been accredited by Slender Wonder.


7) Slender Wonder may be used by vegans and vegetarians and patients with gluten intolerance and food allergies.


8) Slender Wonder products are manufactured in a certified laboratory, regulations are adhered to and our products are of high standards.


9) Patients with diabetes and on injectable insulin may use the Slender Wonder programme as it is under medical supervision.


10) Additional support is offered to Slender Wonder patients on social media platforms together with a complimentary app that can be downloaded as well as complimentary Slender Wonder magazine which is published quarterly.


Written By: Dr Sharon Lion-Cachet


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